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Key Learning Areas

Catholic schools teach the same curriculum as government schools. However, there is a strong religious dimension across the curriculum which is most obvious in the subject of Religious Education.

The curriculum covers:
As the parent of a primary school student, you will want to know what your child is learning so you can help them at home. You and your child’s teachers will be the most important influence on your son or daughter’s education. This Guide is provided to help you follow your child’s early learning and to help you talk with your child's teachers about day-to-day classroom activities and your child’s progress.

The examples found in the Parents Guide below are based on the NSW Education Standards Australia (NESA) Foundation Statements, which your child’s teacher will use to prepare classroom activities and report on progress. A number of teachers, parents, principals and NESA curriculum experts have contributed to this Guide and many common class activities are included here. However, your child’s school may offer different activities and in a different order.

Parents Guide to the new NSW K-10 Syllabuses 

On this NESA webpage you will find all the information and support documents you need about the Australian Curriculum. Scroll to the bottom of the page to download the 'Parents Guide to the new NSW K - 10 Syllabuses' (pdf version).
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