Our Story

In the beginning

In 1919, members of the Quakers Hill community gathered for a discussion on the future of the community. It was at this meeting, known as ‘The Meeting on the Log’, that it was decided to purchase the very land they had met upon. Over the next fifty years, the members of the community worked to raise the funds needed to build a hall and a church where the local parishioners could meet to celebrate. On 1 January 1973, Quakers Hill was officially declared a parish. Fr Bert Callose took up the appointment as the first parish priest of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, Quakers Hill.

Quakers Hill Parish Primary

Quakers Hill Parish Primary opened on 1 February 1987 on Montrose Street, Quakers Hill. Mrs Catherine Allabyrne was the Founding Principal and began with 70 children and three teachers. The school opened in demountable buildings in Pentland St, Quakers Hill, right next to the parish church.

A move to Farnham Rd

Farnham Rd was selected as the site for the new school buildings, and in 1989 construction commenced. Mrs Allabyrne, together with Mr John Noort as the Assistant Principal and 246 children, took up residence at the site in 1990. In 1992 Stage 2 of the building project commenced, which consisted of a further nine classrooms, library, administration areas and storerooms. The Mary Immaculate Parish Centre was named and opened in 1993 at the new site as a part of Stage 3 construction. The school was renamed Mary Immaculate Primary in 1997, the same year St Joseph’s Primary opened in Schofields.