Religious Education

At Mary Immaculate we are working to build a fair and just world by living our school motto of "Love and Service".

As a school community, we work together to try and live our motto of "Love and Service" by:

  • participating in Religious Education lessons based on the Parramatta Diocesan Religious Education Curriculum
  • following Catholic values that underpin the life of the school community
  • participating actively in the Liturgy and attending school and grade Masses
  • celebrating joyful liturgies of thanksgiving and reflection
  • being lead in prayer by Year 6 students at Monday morning assemblies
  • gathering in prayer as a staff
  • joining and participating in the Mini-Vinnies Leadership Group
  • praying and meditating as a class
  • raising money for various groups in need
  • displaying visual reminders of our faith
  • encouraging students to plan and lead prayer on various occasions
  • encouraging children to work for social justice by raising awareness and campaigns for assistance for St Vincent de Paul, the Missions, East Timor and Youth off the Streets.

We at Mary Immaculate are proud of our faith and live it each day in the way we care for each other. We are part of God’s family and work together to live the Gospel values such as love, forgiveness, compassion and peace.

Here is all that is asked of us, this and only this:
     To act justly, to love tenderly And humbly walk with God.
- (‘Justly, Tenderly, Humbly’ by Michael Mangan. Based on Micah 6:6-8)

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