Mary Immaculate is committed to providing its students with personalised learning that is motivating, engaging and empowering.

Through our use of enhanced and modern technology as a learning tool in the classroom, our students are provided with skills that will prepare them for future learning.

We believe that the internet is a powerful tool that provides students with instant access to a variety of quality resources and links them to the wider community. We are equipped with the latest technology to ensure students have the required access to complete relevant and stimulating learning tasks:

  • our school is wireless throughout, with students having access to banks of laptops, allowing for mobile classrooms
  • all students have access to interactive whiteboards in their classrooms, to allow for interesting, hands-on lessons.
  • the school library is equipped with desktop computers and interactive whiteboard to assist students in their learning and research
  • classrooms are equipped with internet access to allow for ‘just-in-time’ learning
  • digital still cameras and digital video cameras are also available and create many opportunities for creative learning

Professional learning

As technology improves, so must we evaluate and challenge the way we teach and learn. Professional development is ongoing at Mary Immaculate, to ensure that teachers provide the best opportunities for their students. There are many opportunities for children and teachers in the area of Information Technology. Knowledge and skills are developed throughout the year in:

  • basic operations and concepts
  • word processing
  • graphics
  • multimedia
  • internet and email
  • spreadsheets
  • databases
  • social and ethical issues
  • web design
  • blogging and podcasting

Opportunities for students

We work to provide all of our students with many opportunities in Information Technology, all of which will be required in 21st century careers. We believe that it's important to teach our students how to use modern technologies in a safe, respectful, collaborative and educational way. The opportunities provided to students include:

  • integrated units that use Information Technology to support learning
  • Information Technology integrated into Literacy and Mathematics
  • Information Technology Leadership Team
  • Kindergarten Technology group
  • technology groups to extend skills
  • class web pages
  • parents training program
  • UNSW Computer Skills competition
  • diocesan book raps

Cyber safety education

Our staff, parents and students alike, are learning together. With the use of enhanced and modern technology, while it is important to harness their power in a classroom, we believe it is also important to educate students in using technology and social networking in the correct way.

In our modern society, it's important for students to understand how to act online when using technology. We use the "MIPS THINK" campaign to empower our students in making correct, safe and responsible cyber choices.

The opportunities provided to students encourage the respectful use of social networking and technology, while our teachers also work closely with students to develop their ability to make correct and smart cyber choices.

140MIPS THINK Poster copy

Come and see learning in action at Mary Immaculate!

We’d love a chance to show you how learning works for young people in our school. Our dedicated teachers plan the learning in detail to help each student do their best.

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